Is an annual architectural publication that showcases residential floor layout and design. It features photo realistic perspectives of various types like single-detached, duplex and townhouses. Moreover, it illustrates a choice of bungalow, two-storey and multi-story residences. A source of idea for exterior and interior design since we also include kitchen layout, furniture layout and landscape design plus other informative and enlightening topics.



          So then, anyone who hears these words of mine and obeys them is like a wise man who built his house on rock.” (Matthew 7:24). Inspired by this verse in the Bible. The Publisher determined to apply this word of God to their profession and started to create something that is glorifying to God. Our Lord was after all giving a lasting legacy (His Words) to us through Jesus Christ our God. Shouldn’t it be that way with the house we are living? Filipinos can cope against various adversities. They will do their best to achieve their foremost dreams… to have their own house. This character trait enables him to buy time until the big breaks come. When the chance becomes a reality? Shouldn’t he be given better options? The publisher finds this an opportunity to serve God by serving people. Let us build him a house he can proudly pass on to his children. Let us help him materialize his dreams, allow us to be an instrument to encourage them to have better lives by having a beautiful and stable houses.”Thus, Bahay na Bato was born.


          HBR Publications (House Built on the Rock) is the publisher of Bahay na Bato Home Design Magazine. HBR Publications was established in 2005 with few dedicated staffs. With grateful heart and great faith in God, determination and conscientiousness from people who were enthusiastic about obeying God, they decided to use their professions and talents as an instrument to Glorify God. Since then, they created a company that will serve God. The first Bahay na Bato Magazine was launched In July 2006 … it was a great success and was able to gain considerable interest and attention to curious readers. Since then, the magazine became an annual endeavor that caters to the needs of Filipinos who are encourage and then able to turn the tides of life in their favor. Now, we are proud to say that our magazines are currently sold in major bookstores nationwide. Striving for improvement, we have been able and will reach more readers especially Filipinos residing and working abroad.



          We believe that we can be an instrument to put Philippine architecture in the mainstream of evolving global outlook that intends to lessen and minimize the impact of industrialization and demographic changes on nature. To integrate architectural planning and design into the strengthening of family units and communities. To serve as an impetus in the evolution of commercial and residential building design toward harnessing durability and strength potential of materials, and conscientious, scientific and practical use of space and Above all to Glorify God through the Works of our hands.


          The publication envisions Philippine architects to present their homegrown talent in the whole world through obedience to God. It believes that this work of art will enlighten people to pay attention to what they are yearning. It hopes and foresees socially responsible Filipino architects contributing significantly to the family and community adaptation to the effects of forces of nature. It advocates uncompromising approach to building aesthetic and durability.